The rational mind cannot be switched off easily.

Body language has a particular connotation. It is ruled by the subconscious, is often reactive and evokes imitation. We aim to reframe body language to allow discourse to come from the cellular - the energetic level - the space of fluidity and non-thinking.

We question - how do you limit cognition, limit attachment and channel thinking toward the body? What type of speech develops when the body takes over?

In the first hour, we will do sound, gesture, and meditative exercises to prompt the emotive body and non-verbal speech in relation to the bodies of others and their active linguistics. In the second half of the evening, we will take turns sharing and creating stories told from the body - with the hope to softly silence the brain and it's hard logic, and to bring the body at ease.

Hosted by MOUNTAIN PRESENCE, a group of people committed to offering weekly events on Burnaby Mountain to help build presence on the mountain.

Everyone is welcome. You don't have to know anything about pipeline resistance - your presence alone helps show solidarity with Kewkewcnewtxw -the Coast Salish Watch House, and Camp Cloud.